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Israel Association of Horowitz Families

The Horowitz Families Association is registered as an Israeli foundation and its activities take place in Israel. The official language of the Association is Hebrew. On special issues, texts are translated in English and Russian. The main publications of the Association are: a newsletter "Yedion" sent to all its members, and a yearbook "Beth Horowitz" including articles and reports on personalities and events related to members of Horowitz Families.

Every Horowitz Family descendant, who agrees with the aims and rules of the Association and pays its yearly membership fee (for 2001 - NIS 60) may be a member of the Association and participate in its activities.

The new Horowitz Families website:
The establishment of the new Horowitz Families website, in English, will enable members of the Horowitz families from all over the world to make direct contact. Since we just started this website, it will be based mainly, for the time being, on information related to the Israeli Horowitz Association.

However, in the future we intend to present:

-Information on events and publications, related to Horowitz persons or historical personalities, based on world-wide sources.
-Access to the Horowitz Family Tree genealogical datebase (currently under construction).

The development of the website will be gradual, depending on the response of Horowitzes in and out of Israel. At the present stage, we urgently need help from people whose mother tongue is English to volunteer for translating and/or editing from Hebrew to English.

We invite all Horowitzes, residing out of Israel, related to the family or/and interested by the subject, to join us as a Friend of the Association (free of charge).

To register, as Member of the Israel Association, or as Friend of the Association, please fill in the following form:

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or fax to 03-5107661, or call to 03-5166393/5177760. The persons registered as Members will receive a letter from us by snail mail, and Friends - status confirmation by e-mail. Please indicate if you wish your name to enter the following list of Members and Friends and which contact information to appear. If you have a website, we can add a link to it also at "links" page.

The pages herein were created by the worldwide Horowitz Family Association in Israel. They are mirrored here with their permission to allow for better viewing by more people.  The purpose of this site is to share family information. No commercial use without permission.
Last updated: 06/11/07.