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Horowitz Families Association Background

Established in conjunction with the Diaspora Museum and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the Jewish Family Heritage.

General Information

The Horowitz Families Association was set up in order to collect and document information about the important part played by Horowitzes in the history of the Jewish people both in the Diaspora and in Israel, and to make connections between the various family branches.

In an attempt to achieve these aims, the Families Association holds national and international conferences and study days, organizes visits to places with family connections, publishes material on historical subjects and initiates various activities intended to perpetuate the family heritage amongst the younger generation and the new immigrant population.

The activities of the Horowitz Families Association are intended for all branches of the Horowitz Families, whether their name is Ish-Horowitz, Horowitz, Hurwitz or Gurevitch.


The Association holds annual meetings and sponsored an international conference in Tel Aviv in 1996, which made possible the meeting of many members of the families from Israel and abroad. As a result, a parallel association was set up in the USA for Horowitz family members from abroad.

The following are some of the Association's recent activities: An excursion in November 1998 toured the Judean Hills in the wake of Horowitzes who fought in the War of Independence; in May 1999, a tour of the Western Galilee offered the opportunity to visit educational institutions and factories founded by members of the family. In November 1999, the excursion included Migdal on the Kinnereth founded by Hurwitzes, and a pilgrimage to the tomb of R. Yeshayahu Halevi Ish-Horowitz in Tiberias, which was restored with the help of the Horowitz Families Association.

In June 1998, a conference was held to mark the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel; the Chanukah conference, in December 1998, was dedicated to the history of the "Bilu" pioneer Zvi Hurvitz, and in June 1999 a study day was held which dealt with the role of Horowitzes and other prominent families in the "Golden Age" of Jewish Prague in the 16th century. In February 2000, a social gathering brought together established Horowitzes and Gurevitch newcomers. In September 2000 a study day was devoted to the "Golden Age" of Polish Jewry, in May 2001 - of Lithuanian, and in June 2002 - of Romanian Jewry. The study day which was held in May 2003 dealt with "The Horowitz Family in the Periods of Rise and Decay of Russian Jewry".

The Association, which was established in cooperation with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the Jewish Family Heritage and the Diaspora Museum, was formally registered as a Foundation in 1991 (no. 58-019-634-3). The Executive Board and the Association's various committees meet at regular intervals.

Chairman of the Association


Mr. Gabriel Horowitz

Honorable Members - Prof. Yitzhak Halbrecht, Mrs. Mira Chomsky

The Executive Committee

The Association's Treasurer

Menachem Argov

The Association's Secretary

Daniel Ophir
Phone: 03-5166393
Fax: 03-5107661

The Chairman of the Committee for Excursions

Gabriel Horowitz

The Chairman of the Committee for Connections with the Family Branches in Diaspora

Shlomo Gurevich
Phone: 972-4-6552169
E-mail: shl2gur@yahoo.com

The Board

Dr. Menashe Horowitz

E-mail: menorick@netvision.net.il

Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Ubitz


Yitzhak Ish-Horowitz


Shulamit Bar-Eli


Shoshana Brenner


Avraham Horowitz


David Horowitz


Jules Horowitz


Dr. Chaim Horovitz

E-mail: c-horov@zahav.net.il

Moshe Horowitz


Paltiel Horowitz


Rina Horowitz




Sarah Horowitz


Eliezer Horowitz


Monique Zaroni

E-mail: zaronipr@zahav.net.il

Angela Cohen


Dana Kogan


Avraham Lorberbaum


Chairman of the Control Commission

Accountant Mr. Yosef Horowitz

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