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  • The following is the internet version of the introduction to the book written and published by Shlomo Gurevich which is now available in English as well as in Russian language: "Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurvich, Gorvich, Gurvitz, Horowitz and others. History of A Great Family" (Haifa, 1999, ISBN 965-222-971-7)
  • According to family tradition, the name Horowitz is associated with Horovice, a small town near Prague in the Czech Republic, where Jews expelled from Spain were allowed to settle. In the beginning, they lived in and around Prague, then scattered in Eastern and Central Europe. The founders of the dynasty were Levites but in time non-Levites also entered the family through marriage.


  • One of the most remarkable personalities in the whole history of the Horowitz families is the Rabbi and Philosopher Yeshayahu Halevi Ish-Horowitz (the revered "Shlah", author of the work "Shnei Luchot Habrit"), who immigrated from Prague to Jerusalem in 1621 and is buried on the same site as the Rambam in Tiberias.

  • We have documentation of the activities of Horowitz Rabbis, authors and people who were active in their communities in Europe (Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Russia) for hundreds of years, and in the last century also in America, South Africa and Australia. Many members of Horowitz families lost their lives in the Holocaust.

  • Horowitzes played an important role in the Zionist Movement and development of the State of Israel. They were among the pioneers of various settlements, kibbutzim and moshavim. For example, Zvi Hurvitz, a member of the "Bilu" group, was one of the founders of Gedera; Nachum Horowitz of Kfar Giladi was one of the founders of the "HaShomer" Movement; David Horowitz, a member of Kibbutz Beit Alfa, was the first Governor of the Bank of Israel, and Yigal Horowitz, a member of the moshav Nahalal, became Minister of Finance. Many Horowitzes distinguished themselves in the wars of Israel.
  • Nowadays, Horowitzes are active in all areas of life: in culture, art, science, economics and communications, all over the world. Some Gurevitches exerted important functions in former Soviet Union, and have suffered from anti-Semitic persecutions of the regime. In recent years, many Gurevitch families have emigrated to Israel where they play an increasingly important role in the cultural life and the economy of the country.
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